carta ao Presidente dos EUA, Barack Obama, pelo pretendente ao Trono do Havai

28-06-2010 10:26

Carta aberta ao Presidente dos E.U.A., Barack Obama,

20 de Abril de 2009

«H. M. King Akahai
In Privy Council

Executive resolution: 01202009

Communicate to the superior forces of the United States of America
End U. S. Military occupation in Hawaii
Hawaii Embassy, USA, New York
Kai R. Landow, Liaison Officer
President & Commander in Chief; Barack Obama
United States of America, Executive Office
United States Capital, White House


In the interest of Peace, His Excellency Barack Obama
Aloha and Ho‘omaika‘i ‘ana Sir, where there is war we stand and represent peace, where tyranny and oppression is found we seek freedom and liberty and when enemies fight to covet another’s vineyard of Naboth we apply prophesy. Therefore by the authority vested in me and under the instructions resolved by the King of the Hawaii [an] Archipelago in Privy Council, I hereby forward the following communication to the 44th President of the United States of America, President Barack Obama; and hereby submit our cause
“There comes a time in the course of human events that a nation [One Hundred and Sixteen years under the yoke of another] must dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them.”
We are diminished by your nation; its own story demonstrating no better knowledge than any other great nation, the price of tyranny. Over a century of peaceful resistance from Hawaii now and forever compels this nation to find a pathway to return to the light of democracy. We do not ask you to "Apologize for your way of life" but to enter into the fulfillment of its promise.
You cannot conceal the bonds of oppressive occupation behind a posture of benevolence. Hawaii cannot let stand the alienation of our lands by a stroke of a pen or rituals of justice that pretend to have no interest in the outcome. Can we not entreat you "O Americans" to your better nature? To awake to the weight you place on the souls of men and women who dwell in their own beloved homeland. We no longer accept living in a nation without the fundamental tenants of democracy promised to us by our ancestors and sworn by treaty to be upheld by your forefathers. The promise of Liberty you give to your own children was not designed for the few or the elite of the world's society.
As we cannot condemn your citizens forcibly accept a fealty to our nation, you cannot consume our own treasures by false faith, revisions of truth or laws passed by your own representatives without a word or knowledge of our own oaths.
You have broken the covenants between our people without the light of day and sought terms of art to create a false sense of relief in your courts. The poison of race you employ so artfully to distract us from our own enlightened understanding of the rights of the people, injures men's souls. So let it be known that the only state of accord held between our nation's people is through the force of arms used against us.
Can you not hold our love without rancor or threat? Can you love us and not wish for us the same right to pursue the full measure of happiness promised in freedom?
Who are we to educate you on questions of independence that form the great foundation of your nation? Can we cousin, for we bear your blood in our veins as well as our own forebears who cry out for an end to this wrong that undermines both of our nations, not seek a peaceful accord? We seek regaining our total independence and have not been replaced by your prestigious country. Would you not agree that de-occupation is the only correct coarse? That we both follow the laws of occupation in earnest and you begin to respect our neutrality within its laws?
We ask for the same simple justice you so generously award yourselves and a justice you fought many wars to secure. We wish to have the right to elect our own leadership and live in peace and autonomy in our own land. Has your precious blood been spilled to afford you the indulgence to strip a proud people and its democratic nation from the land that supplies us with our breath our blood and our very existence?
Can our words and the words that echo your own not find a harbor in your hearts? We cannot lift swords against your great nation to return ourselves to what is rightfully ours. We can only offer our Aloha and our unwavering effort to make things right.
We appeal to you; president Obama and your great nation to heal the wrong, the terms of which, both nations do not dispute and yet your nation has still found inconvenient to address. Time has come to seize the moment of reconciliation and we formally inform you that we are now, who we were then:
"We are here!"

Ke Aloha Nui,

Your Humble Servant,

Kai R. Landow


Liaison Hawaiian Embassy